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On-Location 4K-Ultra Video Recording Services

4K-Multi-Camera with In-Line External-Source Recordings, i.e. X-Ray, CT, Image Guided Systems all in Ultra-HD.

Atlantic Video Benefits and Advantages


  • Multi-camera recordings provide a comprehensive and detailed view of the surgical procedure, allowing for a better understanding of all the steps involved in the surgery from the incision site to the back-table and OR flow.

  • The recordings can be used for training and educational purposes, enabling medical students, residents, and surgeons to observe and learn from real surgical cases without overwhelming the room or staff.

  • The recordings can be used for quality control and improvement, as they can be reviewed to identify areas of improvement and enhance patient safety.

  • The recordings can also be used for research purposes, as they provide a rich source of data for studying surgical techniques and outcomes.


  • Multi-camera recordings can be used to create instructional videos and training materials for medical professionals.

  • The recordings can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, allowing for remote viewing and education.

  • The recordings can be used to facilitate team-based learning and collaboration, as multiple medical professionals can observe and discuss the surgical procedure together.

  • Multi-camera recordings can also be used to educate patients and their families about the surgical procedure and what to expect during and after surgery.

In summary:

Multi-camera recordings in an Operating Room or Bio-Skills Lab for education have several features, benefits, and advantages, making them a valuable tool for training, education, quality improvement, and research in the field of medicine.

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