Every company does something well to stay in business as long as Atlantic has, and in our case that's Medical Media Video Production which includes but is not limited too, Live Human OR Surgical Technique/s, Event Livestreaming, LMS Content Creation, Authoring, Competency, and Hosting has separated us from so many others over the years.

Live Human Surgery Capture and Editing




Video Production services supporting "Education, Marketing, Public Relations,

LMS Authoring, Hosting, Certifications and Live Webcasts".


You provide the story and we'll supply state of the art video production equipment and talent to create

the most engaging and compelling project for you and your group...


Atlantic is a full service On-Location and Post-Production video company that's been serving primarily Medical Device and Diagnostic Manufacturers, Healthcare Providers and Medical Societies since 2000. 



From Live Human Surgery, to Cadaver Labs and everything in between Atlantic has recorded and edited it. Atlantic produces on overage 40 CME type medical and surgical technique tutorials per year for some of the largest and most prominent Medical Device and Healthcare Companies in the world.


Your vision is our guide and keeps Atlantic on the leading edge of content creation and delivery. It's our clients that make Atlantic relevant and fresh. We thank them for allowing us to grow with them each year.

Surgical Technique Videos for Training