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Now available in Boston, Southeastern Mass,

Cape Cod, The Islands and Newport, RI.

One of the most important questions you constantly ask yourself as a high producing Realtor or Agency is

“do I have all the tools to best serve sellers and be able to secure those choice exclusive listing”?

This is by far the most exciting time ever for Real Estate marketing with all the technology available and how Buyers look for and select properties to See and Buy.

The issue most times is you want to use the best technology and marketing tools available but just don't have the time to learn it, manage it or keep up with it.

No longer do you have to chase technology because Atlantic does that for you and more.

We have the tools and expertise to help you win more “Exclusive Listings” each year and not just represent the “Market” but show “Sellers” that you "Own It" with the most comprehensive state-of-the-art marketing tools available and that their only choice is you or your agency.

From Matterport 2D and 3D Virtual Walk-throughs with amenity annotations to highly accurate and dimensionally correct floor plans plus Ultra-HD 4K videos with professional narration and Aerial/Drone footage Atlantic does it all as your local single source provider.

Atlantic has the highest quality interactive marketing tools at prices no other company or individual can match. We have a number of payment options and all include hosting outside your company or personal webpage as an HTML overlay so as to not over burden or bog down others that may be using the company site or most importantly multiple buyers looking at your listings. The HTML overlay reduces latency and helps insure an exceptional experience for all.

Call us to set up a Demo and see all we can do for you to secure More Listings and Sell Better in 2019. 

Summer is just around the corner and sellers and buyers are ready to go, are you?

Checkout a great Drone based Real Estate Video with comments by the Realtor and Agent on why and how they use these videos to list more and sell better. We want to thank our supplier partners from DJI for allowing us to share...


Gordon MacPherson Executive Producer/President

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