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Equine Video Production supporting Marketing, Public Relations, Training, Evaluation, Special Events, Competition and Education.


Rarely does one have the opportunity to blend two passions in life. Video Prodcution and all the Creativity that goes with it plus the love of Horses. Being able to work with commited owners and professionals creating educational and entertaining video/s is extremely rewarding on many levels. It's very special to make a difference in the life of a hosre and its owner. 


Not only do we support the Equine Industry but are

horse owners too. Much of our free time is spent taking

care of and being around horses everyday. 


We presently have a 12 y.o. Registered Freisian Mare

named Lori and she is as wonderful as striking in



We got very lucky with this girl, she's not spoiled but

pampered and always does what's she asked without



If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is a

million of them and we invite you to view a few examples

of Atlantic's Equine Video Production.


C. J. MacPherson is Atlantic's main Equine Producer and

much of what you'll see is her work exclusively as both

videgrapher and editor.



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