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Post-Production Editing In-House or On-Site.

Post-Production is the most fun and creative aspect of video production.


Post, is where engagement is created with Hi-Rez Animations, Computer

Generated Backgrounds and Graphics along with Narration and Music to

wrap it all up into a journey one will not forget.


Engaging content wins the day and will hold your audience's attention.


We've been using Non-Linear Digital Computer-based editing and finishing

since 1996. It all began with AVID's Meridian NLE, then Media 100, followed

by Apple's Final Cut Studio Pro 7 to our latest adoption of the entire

Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 Suite of tools including Premiere Pro, Photoshop,

After Effects, Illustrator for cross-platform collateral printing and

Color Grading of projects.


We have 8 dedicated workstations with over 200 Terabytes of on-site storage.

All your content is with us at all times and never shared in the Cloud where

Intellectual Property, Financial Information and Patient Information can be

stolen or hacked. 


Atlantic's been serving Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry since late1999.  

We have an acute awareness and responsibility to uphold HIPAA Rules and

Regulations for Patient Privacy. These standards carry over to all clients and



Atlantic has NDA's and CA's with all clients and each year is certified by

many for HCC "Health Care Compliance" as a requirement to provide

services and we thank them for holding us to these high standards.


Post-Production is a blank sheet of paper where projects come to life. Atlantic has the ability to provide NLE services On-Location at the recording site for dailies or finished projects and at your facility for real-time review with you and your team. When Atlantic travels with an NLE Package it's the complete unit not a draft quality system only able to provide light duty editing, it's a complete high end finishing workstation or stations to complete the project at the highest level.

Surgical Technique Videos for Training

ADA Compliant LMS Content Curation and Hosting from a Single Source.

It was inevitable that Atlantic would be part of the On-Line eLearning revolution due to all the Surgical Technique Tutorials and In-Service Videos created over the past 21+ years.


We've been a member of ARTICULATE's Beta Development Team since 2007 and pushed them to provide High Quality Video as part of their product offerings in the entire Articulate 360 suite of products and more.


Atlantic repeatedly encouraged ARTICULATE to hasten the development of HTML5 for LMS on all Smart Devices and we thank them for listening.


Atlantic has been at the forefront of LMS/SCORM since the begging and is fully aware of how eLearning is presented on digital devices from Desk-Top, Lap-Top, Tablets and other Smart Devices. CCS or Cascading Style Sheets is another area we understand and provides the best user experience possible across multiple screens. All of Atlantic's Authored LMS content for clients is ADA Compliant, is yours?

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