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Vertical Video Inspection is Atlantic's latest HD-Video Service.


We're always seeking additional services to compliment what we presently do and that is create exceptional HD-Video.


With the proliferation of Wind Turbines, Large Solar Panel Farms, Building and Bridge Inspections required after the historic Winter of 2015, Private Companies, Local and State Agencies have requested Atlantic to develop an inspection platform with archival capabilities that is safe and cost effect.


Atlantic has that solution and it's being made available throughout the Northeast as of July 2015.


If you require an Ultra High Definition Video Inspection and Record of same with Date and Time Stamping please contact us at: 1-617-548-9565 or provide a "Scope of Work Outline" and we will make this happen for your company or agency.


Vertical Video Inspection services and Promotional Videos are available for Real Estate Showcases, Land Developers, Golf Courses, Resorts and Private Citizens too...

Examples of Vertical Video Inspection Quality

and Documentation Services Offered.

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